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Cannot reply to buyer?

Whenever I open their message it says ‘Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.’
I also don’t see their message when they click it, whenever I reply it says that something went wrong and the message was not sent.

How can I solve this?

I am also facing this problem right now

I am also facing this problem , is that bug ?

I think so. I just sent a massage to support team. Lets wait and see…
But problem is, i am going to lost one buyer for this.

Yeah same he was about to buy 100$ prem gig

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Having the same problem. I’ve been having a lot of bugs recently as well, it is frustrating to deal with.

You are right.

Facing the same problem.

Same issue here…
Did my first Buyer Request offer in about a year and the buyer sent me a message (which I had invited him to do) about 15 mins later. Looking to make a good impression, I typed out all the details and things about the offer on my phone immediately and sent it - only for it not to go through.

Me 2… :raised_hand:

Same here, i couldn’t send my revision artwork and it is already pass 24 hours. Help!!

Do not worry, if your first delivery was before the time limit (I think yours is 24 hours) then revisions do not count as LATE.

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I am also facing this problem right now

I contacted Fiverr support and they said they are aware of this, I think this is a temporary bug.


I’m also having this issue