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Cannot Report Message


I got a message like this earlier.

No text. No report button. It came like this. So now my response rate is going to drop again. This same thing happened last month. There is no way to report this message. If it weren’t for spam, I would (and did up until a little bit ago) have a 100% response rate.

TLDR: This is a spam message, however, I cannot report it.


That id was a spamer so we got massage from him & we report it to fiverr. So that id was removed from here. That’s why there is no report option. Thank You.


It is a spammer ID, as said before. I got the same message from the same buyer.


she knows it is a scammer, she is saying that her response rate will go down like it did before when she couldn’t reply to it.


Exactly. If other sellers have reported it already, some sellers who got the message can’t any longer. That means it counts against our response rate.

It really stinks :unamused:


It will be great if fiverr think about it.Because to make respose rate 100% is painful but leting it down is very easy.