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Cannot respond to seller's Request Responses

I posted a Request (i have done that before but not for a long time). Now i have messages from several Sellers. In the “list” i can what the seller wrote in response to my Request. BUT there is apparently no way to ‘continue’ the ‘conversation’ with the seller. I am certain that previously I could ‘reply’ to the seller’s response (i’m pretty sure it was in the Contact thread). BUT Now - the Contact thread is empty (except for ‘tell the seller’…). The seller’s response to my Request is nowhere to be found (even in the Order Now, there is nothing showing the seller’s response to my Request). \ Am i missing something ?? Is there some way that the seller’s response can be seen in the Contact thread (or anywhere else) ???

I fear I don’t know how to contact sellers right from there, never published a BR myself, but if you’re in a hurry and can see the sellers’ names, you could paste the name into the URL as a workaround and contact them via the Contact Me button, like:

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