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Cannot Save Gig Changes

Is anyone else totally unable to save any changes to their gigs?

I’m trying to amend our gig time (take off 24 hour and increase overall delivery time by one day) as we’re away this weekend. No matter what I do, when I press ‘Save’, nothing happens. ‘Save and Preview’ opens the gig, but shows that no changes have been made.

I’ve tried on my Macbook (main computer), Windows Laptop, ipad, iphone… I’ve even gone off wifi and tried on data. I’ve tried the usual clearing of cache etc.

It’s basically as if the Save button isn’t even recognised as a button anymore.

Anyone else experiencing this glitch? It’s super annoying, as if it doesn’t resolve today, I’m gonna have to use Out of Office instead.


Instead of the OOO mode, you could try pausing your gigs. (OOO only hides your gigs from search, and does not prevent anyone with a direct link from ordering.)

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Yes. I have the same issue with creating new gigs today. I can’t get past the “Pricing and Scope” screen. I click on “Save” but nothing happens.


Yes i have faced same problem.

Closed an account today to start another (so I could change my user name) and yes, I’m having the same issue) in my new gig for voice over, the overview saves fine, but when I enter the scope and pricing page to enter my pricing and extras, it won’t allow me to save, I just see some url pop up, then go away, I don’t get the confirming save screen like in the overview section. Have tried on my computers, different browsers, iphone, ipad — damn, everywhere---- looks like others are having this problem, I do hope they’re looking at these forums!-- cheers, Michael

Same thing for me. Can’t save anything on the ‘pricing’ page. Save button and links simply don’t do anything - no errors. Have tried clearing cache, different browsers, new gigs, etc etc. I opened a ticket yesterday, so will update this thread if there is any ‘trick’ to fix this. However I see a message that they are doing live testing on updates to the site (!!!) so that may be the cause and will be fixed soon? (I hope)

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Same for me! I thought it was that I was trying to get used to how a new machine with a new trackpad was functioning lol…

I’m joining the fun just to say that I have the exact same problem

I opened a ticket this morning, still same problem, quite frustrating!

I heard back from support this morning. They just repeated to try Chrome (I have) and to make sure everything is filled in one page 1 (it is) and no errors on page 2 (there aren’t). I let them know I have tried many different times and different variants. Also let them know I don’t seem to be the only one. Strength in numbers?
Please add your voice to this post if you are still being impacted. Thanks!

Ok all, I might have a solution. (EDIT: This only works if you have everything you need to set up the gig in one sitting. You CANNOT go back and edit a partially-complete gig - see moments at bottom.) This morning I went in as usual and nothing worked. But then I tried this, and I have been able to get to page 3 of setting up a new voiceover gig:

  • use Chrome
  • clear cache
  • set up a new gig (don’t try editing an old one)
  • try saving a few times on page 1 to trigger error messages on mandatory fields
  • on page 2, do the same - save when you first arrive on the page and all the fields should turn red - then start filling only those in (saving occasionally) - I was finally able to go to page 3

From page 3, I could then go back to page 2 and add the optional gig extras, etc, and save successfully.

Good luck everyone. (And if anyone in IT is monitoring this, please fix this bug!)

Once you leave the gig set-up process, you can’t get past page 2 again if you return to edit your gig. I was almost through the process (page 6) and saved it and exited. Now I can’t get past page 2, so wasted all that time. FART!!!


I’ll try this, thank you!

I was just able to edit my existing gig successfully for the first time in 1-2 weeks. I didn’t clear my cache or anything so the bug has mysteriously cleared up.

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They responded to my tech ticket and said it was a problem that was valid and they cleared it up! so it looks like this has been solved by their support team, man was that frustrating, glad we’re good to go!!! yay!!! my gig is live and I’ve got some sales!! woo hoo! cheers! Michael!


Same!!! after all these years as a buyer I finally create a seller profile and the pricing doesn’t save :frowning: