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Cannot search for ARKit experienced App devs in fiver

I am looking for ARKit ‘experienced’ devs to develop an app and enhanced video experience. The fiverr interface does not allow me to look for this experience.

  1. Could SEARCH be added within a category, instead of radio buttons for qualifying gigs?
  2. Is anyone out there who has played with or has some experience with ARKit and are an iOs app dev?

Looking forward to receiving guidance on how to find this kind of dev on the site.


If you have trouble finding what you are looking for or have a special request, you can submit a Gig request. This allows you to make a request to the Fiverr community. If your request meets the criteria of a seller, the seller will submit an offer.
check :arrow_heading_down: .

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You could also just search for “Arkit” - only 10 results come up when I do. Only 3 of those gigs have reviews.

Also, you can search within a category by searching first and then in “Refine Results” on the left, clicking the category (though in this case all results for that search are in the “Mobile Apps & Web” category).