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Cannot see buyer name

Why cannot we see the name of the buyer in Buyer Requests when we log in from the laptop ??
I can only see the picture of the buyer.

But when I use the Fiverr app from my mobile, I am able to see both the name and picture of the buyer

Imperfect design :slight_smile:

I think though fiver wants to remove the buyers name from buyer requests as they know some sellers track them down and message the buyer directly.

(It happens to me on buyer requests and it’s very annoying!)


Hmm… If they want to prevent sellers from contacting buyers directly then I think it should be the same in both the fiverr app and the web version… I too find it quite annoying…

You don’t need the buyers name to respond to a request


Yes bro… I was just wondering why there was a difference :slight_smile: