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Cannot see buyer requests

Hi, I have 4 gigs related to wordpress and digital marketing but i cannot see buyer requests plz help.


If you have created those gigs recently then wait for one or two days .And check buyer requests several times in a day.
You can read this post .Hope it will help you .

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but i have created my gigs about a month ago and i often update my gigs

Then do not update too much your gigs .And check the post that I have just shared .Promote your services on social media platforms . Hope you will get buyer requests+sales .

Best Of Luck

You won’t see many buyer requests that you can respond to until you are promoted to a Level 1 seller. You are currently ranked as a New Seller. Sellers with a New Seller rank are not permitted to see many buyer requests. This appears to be intentional, so that new sellers learn how to bring in their own customers, rather than relying upon Fiverr to do all the work for them. When you are promoted, you will likely see plenty of requests that you can choose to respond to.


Hi, I am relatively a new seller and made three gigs . The problem is since I am a new seller I have to rely on Buyer’s Request for sales but I can’t see any Buyers requests.

Please help me resolve this issue.


Please see above comments. I hope that you can solved your problem.

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you can change category then you can see show buyer request.

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