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Cannot see my order requirements


Hi All,

I read that there was a bug about this issue,but currently I tried all 3 browsers (chrome,firefox and explorer)
and in all of them I wasn’t able to see my Order Requirements

When I open the Order I only see Recent Conversation and Order Started but no Order Requirements
I was able to see it few hours ago but wasn’t able to see the whole text
Now I can’t see it at all no matter where I look

Can anyone help me here, I need to review my requirements as I got the delivery and I want to compare it with what I sent to the seller



Try to clear your browser cookies, if you still can’t see them you can contact the customer support.


Thanks, already did, even used incognito mode which doesn’t have cookies but with no luck :frowning:


If you can’t access it after clean your browser cookies Please contact the customer support.:thinking: