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Cannot Submit Delivery!

Everytime I submit my gig I upload a video file and once it uploads the webpage crashes and delivered a

‘Aw Snap’ Page (using Google Chrome)

With the error code:


How can I resolve this?


same…i have to deliver i tried 3 times to upload 350mb file :confused:

You can use file hostings and cloud services to deliver big files, if fiverr attachments don’t work. Such as dropbox, google drive, etc. You can deliver a link + screenshot of the job done.
That is allowed as long as you don’t exchange contact info.


I get the same thing for a 168 meg file. I’m afraid it says a lot about the architecture of the Fiverr platform.

Is there anyone who worked out this problem? My time for delivery is passing and I still can’t deliver my order. Support center is still quite and I’ve been uploading for more than 24 hours.

Hi, I managed to send a delivery in that case.
Here’s How: You have to look when the file is uploaded and that loading bar is disappeared once the file is uploaded you have 1 or 2 seconds until the snap page apears. You have to click on deliver button in that 1 second. After that the page will snap but when you will reload the page, your work will be delivered.