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Cannot use funds


I made some money selling gigs but the paypal button is greyed out and it says I have no funds to withdraw.


The funds are cleared for you to withdraw after 14 days of the order completion. After that if you have enough funds for the withdrawal you can then withdraw the funds. (For Bank Transfer it is $50, don’t know about Paypal)


From the above screenshot, it looks like you haven’t completed your orders or they are not marked complete by buyers. you haven’t any funds in “pending clearance” section. Once your order is marked completed, the funds will start clearing and will be available for transaction after 14 days. For bank transfer it is $50 and for paypal I think it is $5.


Based on the screenshot the buyer hasn’t even accepted the final work. So unless the buyer marks the order as complete, then you will have to wait 3 days for the order to be automatically marked complete(unless the buyer asks for a reversion), then you will have to wait 14 days for the funds to clear


It’s been far longer than 3 days for the 4$ order. It’s been about a week.


If the it’s been a week and the buyer or fiverr already marked it as complete then the funds should be in the pending clearance.


Perfect thanks! how do I know when I can reinvest it? will it show in the big numbers at the top of the screenshot?


What you can do is click on the (view order), you will get the information about the orders. The money from the active order will drop to the Pending Clearance the after 14 days will move from the pending to the Available for withdrawal. But first click on the (view order) to see why the one for 6th hasn’t moved to pending, maybe the buyer asked for a reversion which you have not redelivered


Well It looks good from my end.


One delivered on march 10 and the other 12. The 10th should be marked as complete today. If it doesn’t automatically complete you should contact cs, for a more detailed answer.


Delivered order doesn’t mean it is complete. either buyer will mark it complete or it would be automatically marked by fiverr after 3 days.