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Cannot use my business email address


Hi. When I originally signed up on Fiverr as a seller I created a username and attached my business email address which rings when it receives incoming mail.

I then decided to change my username, but the system wouldn’t let me use my business email address again, and I had to use my personal email address.

Long story short, my first buyer contact email came in and I didn’t see it. I now have a 7 hour response time, when my aim is to reply in seconds or minutes. (I’ve downloaded the app.)

Is there any way to keep my current username but switch my email address back to my business email?



You should be able to change your username through the following link:

However, I assume you first need to ensure the e-mail isn’t being used on another account.


Thanks. That’s the issue. Although I’d deleted the 1st username, it’s still seeing my email address as in use.


Fiverr cs They will guide you better.