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Cannot use my free 5$ gig?


A friend sent me a link to this website. I registered and now it says ‘free gig!’ in the top menu. But when I click it and select a gig that is ‘free’, i suddenly have to pay 5,50$. Am I missing something?

No, you’re not missing anything. All basic gigs cost $5, but there is also a normal 50 cent processing fee attached as well.

I would suggest you contact Customer Support. The free gig offers often seem to be a little troublesome to use. Theoretically if you get the banner that says you can choose a free gig from a selection, when you go to buy it it might show the price, but it should allow you to order without putting payment information in. (Most freebies do have expiration dates too, since it also depends on that.)

The .50 processing fee isn’t supposed to be necessary for those since you are applying a credit. I’ve seen others say that they have problems using the offers, so only Customer Support can really do much.