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Cannot Verify My ID

I have tried three times now to verify my ID and have been sent e-mails telling me that my account has been restricted. I followed the rules closely, took clear photos of my Identification Card and one of myself, and still it tells me it cannot be verified. What is happening? (I have contacted customer support, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?)


100% yes
I experienced exactly the same with my account. No matter how clear the photos were it kept on complaining that it wasn’t clear enough. I had all my IDs as authentic but I was restricted. I latter contacted the CS who told me that a fix was applied. I tried again and my account was restored with 3 minutes. So, you need not worry, just contact the customer care, if all your details are correct and authentic. All will be fine.


I’m glad to see other’s experienced something similar. Literally when I got your message, my account was restored! Thanks for the feedback!



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I’m in the same situation right now, I hope everything goes well for me too.

It’s comforting to know that there are others who are also going through this.