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Cannot verify number

I can’t verify any numbers I have (P.S I use a phone app since I don’t have an Actual Phone)
What can I do? I only Have like 1 CAD and I can’t buy a phone number? Please help I’m so lost and stressed why can’t they just allow these numbers just because they don’t have data cookie thing they ship for more money this is so stupid.

Hello, I didn’t get the full meaning as you mentioned some words I’m not familiar with but I want to share a little incident of mine. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

For the first time I tried to log into Fiverr with an android app text didn’t show up. After 15 minutes or so, I tried to keep the phone(with my sim cards in it, not android one) in an open space and it worked.

I don’t use a Actual Phone I use a IPod Touch and I’m using a app to get phone calls and texts but it’s not working on fiverr

An online marketplace like Fiverr must provide a (enough) foolproof algorithm.

Hi, I didn’t quite understand, I have a IPod Touch (No SIM card) what do I do?