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Cannot withdraw cleared funds via PayPal!

I submitted to customer service yesterday, and am freaking out because this is a pretty urgent matter. I withdraw my funds a couple of times per month, and wasn’t expecting to encounter any problems, and now I’m down to the wire.

Here’s the issue:

My ability to withdraw funds from my PayPal account has been disabled. The button is "greyed out."

My last withdraw was April 15th, and I have cleared funds that I need to transfer to my PayPal account. (I need this money to pay my rent very soon, and I’m concerned because it takes a few days to transfer to the bank from PayPal.) So basically I either needed to withdraw this yesterday or today!!! I’m hoping this is not a permanent change or a commonly occurring problem…

Has anyone else encountered this, and how quickly/easily was it resolved? This is super concerning… :frowning:

Thanks for your input!

I’m having the same problem this is not a good sign! The fiver debit card is the only one I’m able to click.

same problem, still waiting on customer support, no luck

yep… it is very frustrating… makes me wanna pause my gigs until this clears up…

Has this been resolved for any of you?