Cannot withdraw money from Payoneer account


Hello Fiverr Community,

This is my first time using Payoneer to withdraw money. Today, I have tried to withdraw money from my Payoneer account to transfer it to my local bank account. I’ve entered all the necessary information. But it keeps waiting as can be seen in the screenshot. I’ve waited for at least 10 mins, nothing happened. Payoneer account still has the same amount of money. Is there anyone experienced this issue? How do I solve this?
I have already contacted Payoneer customer support and waiting for their response.



This a well known issue with payoneer form.
You need to delete your cache and cookies… and try again.
Otherwise, contacting payoneer support team is a recommended step.

Hope you can fix that asap.


Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried to delete cache and cookies but still getting the same result.

What I realize is that even if I enter incorrect information, it still keeps waiting in the same screen instead of giving an error.


That’s why I recommended to contact payoneer customer support.
Even Fiverr CS can’t help you with this, because the money is between payoneer hands.