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Cannot withdraw my funds?

Hey everyone! For some reason I cannot withdraw my funds as usual. None of the withdrawal options are available, should I just wait? Talk with customer support? I have more than 1k that I cannot withdraw at the moment. Anyone else having this problem?



Any ideas? I’m getting a little bit nervous about this :frowning:

Have you waited for 14 days for clearance?

Yes, the money is available. I just cannot press any of the withdraw buttons

Is this your first time withdrawing money?

Definitely not. I withdraw regularly, maybe twice a week. Never had any problem

Hello there Jorge, I’d say go with the customer support option. It never hurts to open a new ticket with them. It might take a while but it’s worth the wait.
You will get it resolved quicker than just asking around the forum.
They can definitely help you in this situation or at least clarify the problem at hand.

Whatever you do please keep us updated on it.

Wish you all the best


Thank you. I just opened a ticket, hope it gets resolved

You can withdraw your money after 14 days clearance :blush:

It will, keep up the good vibes! don’t forget to let us know about it!