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Cannot work on order because the buyer doesn't respond

2 days ago, somebody contacted me regarding a gig. All fine, I sent him the offer, he ordered. The problem is that the link that he sent me doesn’t work. It’s a YouTube video that I must work on but the link doesn’t work. I sent him multiple messages but no response. I filled a request for extending the Delivery Time so that I give the buyer more time to respond but still no answer. Can anybody give me a suggestion on what to do in this case? Is there anyway I can contact Fiverr and hopefully fix this?

Thank you in advance.


I am sorry that you are having to deal with a non-responsive buyer. I don’t really think Fiverr can be of much help in situations like this because they will also use the same channels of communication (like you do) to contact the buyer. In any case, I think it is a good idea to let them know about it.

How long do you have until you have to deliver the work? Give it some time. When the order deadline remaining is lesser than the time you would need to deliver/do justice to the order, maybe the only way out is for you to cancel the order.

I’ve got 1 hour left. It not enough to complete the order. How can I contact Fiverr anyway?

You can contact them here-

Thank you very much for your help!

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It seems that I’m encountering a problem. I filled all the fields and when I want to send the ticket I receive an error saying “Delivery failed. Please try again.”

If that didn’t work, you can also try and send them an email at

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Thank you very much!

I’ve contacted them on email. Hopefully they’ll help me somehow.

Like I already mentioned, in case you don’t get any response, it is always a good idea to cancel the order BEFORE you run out of time… Good luck!

And how do you do that? For example now I only have 20 mins left to deliver, what do I do?

Go to resolution center on the top right hand side of your order page. There you will see appropriate options.

Fiverr can do something about it but they won’t unless you agree to have your ratings affected! In the last week I have gone from a 100% completion rate to a 78% because 2 orders didn’t provide enough information for me to complete and had to be cancelled. I still have two other orders in que that the buyers didn’t send anything at all (ONE IS OVER A YEAR OLD) but when I asked Fiverr to remove them, they said my completion rate would be affected. Fiverr is no longer pro-seller in my opinion.

And your completion rate will still be affected even if you cancel before the time limit.