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Can't access .ai files that were sent?

I’m waiting on the seller’s response, but I hired him to convert files to .ai. I’ve received .ai files that I’ve downloaded in the past with no problem, but this time they were greyed out and unable to download. When I hovered over them, got a message that said ‘Tooltip Original Work’ and underneath it it said ‘Tooltip Upgrade Deliver’. Does anyone know what this means? Also, I would’ve expected the ai file to be at least over 1 MB and it was about 550 KB…could this be some sort of a stub file that he sent instead of the whole file?

I have now the same thing. Does Fiverr read this forum at all?? It looks like this is a problem on their side. The file sent to me is .rar

I think the seller published the .ai files as “source code” and they wait for the needed extra to be paid to make them available for download.
If the gig clearly states you’re receiving the source files without any extra, then reject the delivery and wait for the seller to contact you.

Not too long ago Fiverr introduced two upload options for the seller - “normal” and “source file”. Anything they have uploaded under “source file” will be automatically greyed out to the buyer unless the order includes the source file extra.

Ask the seller if they’re willing to include the source file and, if so, to upload it with the rest of the work. The file will then be available to download as per normal.

The above two answers are 100% correct, you should contact the seller in a message or request a modification and tell him to send the files in the correct section.

size doesn’t matter. you can even draw a highly detailed plan and make file size 10kb

Wait for seller’s response. Sometimes it can be less than 1MB :slight_smile:

Ask the seller to clarify. It seems the seller wrongly delivered the AI file as source file extra.