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Can't access my $5 credit that expires today

Hello! I spent $20 and had a $5 credit that expires today. Only, when I try to use it, it doesn’t show up anywhere. there is a banner along the top of my site that says that I have the credit (see green area along the top) and also there’s an email in my messages, but I can’t open it. I tried to buy a gig and it doesn’t go in my cart. How do I receive this credit? I submitted a support ticket but they said it might take 24-48 hours and it will be expired by then. Thank you!

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5$ credit is here (see screenshot)
When You buy any gig it will deducted from Fiverr balance (which you can see on top righ near cart icon )


Thank you @wp_kid!
But I went through the whole process of placing an order for a gig and all the way to Paypal- it did not deduct the $5 from my total.