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Cant access my gmail


I need help
I would like to change my email and password because i cant access my gmail anymore i dont know why that is why i would like to change my email and password. I cant open my acount on desktop anymore rigth now i am using app and i theirs no option of changing email and password here in app version please any advice??


Anyone know? Please advice support team please


May be you wanna contact Google?


Google has methods they gave a while back to contact you if you lose your password. So you can’t access your email and you can’t change your settings on fiverr. You may be out of luck.


same problem, as me --------- :frowning:

actually I have not added a phone, or email in my recovery info of this gmail,!topic/gmail/txbJtDM9zYY

(meet or fight) but nothing come out). there negative reply make me sad , but every site have 2 option

  1. forgot password page and
  2. personal help.
    but there have no other way ------


Even i press forgot password still useless because fiverr will send notifacation on gmail they will send a link process on reseting the password…


This thing is anoying anymore
I cant use my fiverr account on desktop because its link to google… my geddddddddddd and i cant withdraw a fund using fiverr app


All you can do, I’m afraid, is to contact customer services, and wait for them to reply.


This is not the support team, you can send the Fiverr Customer Support a ticket using this link here:

Good luck.