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Can't Access My Ticket via Support Forum?


Hello Fiverrs,

Earlier today I opened a ticket that never got an answer. In the email they sent me, they gave me a link to follow to check the status of my request. I click the link and it asks me to sign in. I use my email, and it tells me the combination is wrong. I try “sign up” and it tells me that email has already been used! All I want to do is find out if there has been any update to my ticket since no one has answered yet!

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!


If you are trying to log in from a mobile device it appears it won’t work. Same thing happened to me so I logged on from a computer and it worked fine.


Reply to @ellenwright: Yep, I was on my computer and it wouldn’t work. However, they wound up finally getting back to me anyway.