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Can't Activate my gig why?

I activated my paused gig from the pause gig list. But after activated my Gig it does not showing in my activate Gig list and showing this image.

Any seniors here why it is showing. Can anyone help?


me too, missing Activate button

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Yeah mine too TT Does anyone have a solution for this?

Yes same for me. i don’t no why. i just modify some content then try to visit my profile and try to activate it. but the activation option is not there.

There is no Activate button for my Paused gigs

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me too , what going on with fiverr

Same issue today. I can only delete the paused gig. No “Activate” option available.
I think Fiverr is hiring kids as programmers.

Me too.
Only have button delete.
So sad.

Same here, I’m having the same issue.

I’m having the same issue :frowning:

I just returned to fiverr and I cannot activate my paused gig.

the same here! :neutral_face:

Hi, I just created a new gig and it asked if I work outside the US or within. I think they just want you to update our tax info so they can send that info to the US government.