Can't add an ongoing degree to my education section


I am a freshman at a local college in Pakistan, enrolled in a 4 years bachelors program. I wanted to add this information to my profile but was very disappointed to find out that the year of completion of degree is until 2017, no further options.
Please fix this or provide a workaround for me to add my degree to the section.
Thank you


My guess is you can only add your degree once you’ve completed it. :slight_smile:


How can you add a degree if you don’t have one?
Will you start filling your profile with false information? Not good…
A degree you get when you finish, not when you start :thinking: … at least they gave it to me when I finished…


What if its a unique college that hands over degree the moment you enroll? :thinking: Who knows. :wink:


Then someone stole from me 5 years of my life :rage:


Oh come on, I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to add my education, that’s it But I’m glad that you got your degree :slight_smile:


LOL, Guys I just wanted to add my education :smile:


@aatifurrahman , I believe @offlinehelpers already answered your question.


yes, they did. Thank you everyone who commented :slight_smile: