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Can't add bank transfer as withdrawal method

Hi, I use Fiverr revenue card to withdraw money. Currently, there is an issue in payoneer card I heard. I don’t want to use Payoneer card. Now I want to withdraw money by Bank transfer instead of revenue card. I already have a Payoneer account you know. When I’m trying to add a bank and already have an account, getting a message ‘‘funding source can’t be added try again’’. please see the screenshot. How can I solve this problem?

I don’t want to use card now.

Please help me.



Don’t use Payoneer. At all. It doesn’t work.

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Make sure that you visit Payoneer Verification Center! If have any Issue of there solve that first and try to add the method. Your screenshot is not so clear the reasion. However, if any issue, you can reply. thanks. Happy Fiverring!

You may be able to use your card again starting on July 6 from the latest news on the Payoneer blog.
Give it a few days to get sorted out.

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Everything we know about the payoneer situation is in this thread:

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