Can't add gig extras


I was trying to add extras to my gig (those where you can type in the extra yourself) and it doesn’t work. The boxes always uncheck themselves and I have no clue what I’m doing wrong or if it’s a bug.


bug is not all my accounts accept

try to refresh your browser or switching to crhome and clear the cache, be aware to have javascript enabled


Doesn’t help. I’ve logged in from Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Opera. I’ve never logged into Fiverr from any browser other than Firefox, so all the others had no cache. The problem repeats itself on every browser. I save the gig, and the extras boxes uncheck themselves.


I am having the same problem. Anyone have an update on this? Been going on for months now, causing me to pause all my gigs.


Anyone know how to solve this? I have the same problem. Somehow my gig extras have been automatically unchecked. When I check them and then click save, it says the changes are saved. But they’re not.


Yes I am facing the same issue. Even my regular clients are telling they cant see my already present gig extras anymore!!! Whats going on?


Oh dear! It isn’t just me :frowning: I went on vacation in April, and could swear I came off vacation mode but discovered after no sales for weeks that I was still “on vacation.” It never unpaused. That killed sales. Finally sales trickling in but discovered that my gig extras all went offline, and I cannot seem to get them to turn back on. Agh!


Bro I think I got a solution!


SAME PROB: I EDIT in "Gig Extras’ but when I save and update I can’t see my “Gig Extras.”


I am having the exact same problem. I can select the standard suggested gig extras but I can’t select any that I’ve created myself - not even the ‘recommended’ one.

Then there is the fact that I’m a level 2 seller with a 99% customer rating and I haven’t made any sales to new customers in 2 months. If it had been a week or so I would have thought it was just a slump, but I’m writing About pages and they’re ALWAYS popular so I usually get at least 3 or 4 sales a week.

But the only sales I’ve made lately have been to an old customer who found me BEFORE this sudden dry spell. I am showing up in search results, but WAAAYYYY down in the results and Fiverr is saying my gig takes an average of 4 days when my standard gig is set to 2.

And the only thing I’ve done to my profile lately is activate this new 3 package thing. Maybe that’s what is causing all the different problems for everyone???

Anyways, I love Fiverr because the sales usually come to you and there is some degree of protection for sellers with customers paying up front, but with all these problems I have moved onto other freelancing platforms that I actually hate using and haven’t used in years just because they work.


I have exactly the same problem!!!
It’s been going on since fiverr introduced the 3 Packages.

I can NOT add the gig extras to any of my gigs no matter what I tried.

It keeps unchecking the gig extra tick boxes.

I’ve addressed this issue to fiverr support a few times and it’s still not resolved as of march 2017 and this issue I had since 2016!

My sales are down by 90%


If anyone else had the same problem and solved it, Please Share!


Facing the same issue!!!

Please resolve it, fiverr!!!


What browser are you using and have you tried switching to another browser?


Yes. I tried Chrome and Safari on macOS, and Chrome on Windows too.

Please help with solution asap, huge revenue loss.



FIX THIS FIVERR! COME ON!!! It’s so laughable how a company can dominate the freelance game and completely drop the ball. The maintenance on this site is probably less than 50,000 a year hahaha.


If you changed your gigs incuding packages, the extras will only be visible to buyer AFTER the purchase of their package. I had the same issue, asked CS and got affirmation on that. Actually every now and then, I get orders which include extras, so it definitely is not a bug, just a tweak:-) Extras are not visible in the order page anymore.


I was shocked when this happened to me. And shocked to get that message from customer support. But I have only one package and by some miracle, the extras again showed at the bottom of the description so try using one package instead of three.

Even with one package at first the extras did not show up. Then somehow they did appear. It was actually scary to me that the extras didn’t show.


Same here @misscrystal. In the past I used to log from a tablet device and was constantly facing issues with gig creation and editing. CS had told me to switch on a PC with crome and till the time I decided to switch to packages I faced no problems!

Extras dissapearing after launching packages freaked me out a bit but CS explained this and it’s all good. In fact, although I value my add-ons, I’m so in love with the package structure that I’m really hesitant of shifting back to the old times. However, it’d be awesome to be able to have BOTH packages AND extras in the front page (gig page)



If extras are not displayed openly how can I recommend them to buyers after the sale? Or when they message me?

Or am I the only one who does this?


You’re right, as I mentioned before it would be ideal to have both options. Nearly 2 out of 10 buyers opt in for my extras but I guess this would dramatically improve if the prospect could see all options before hitting the order button! That’s extra cash both for Fiverr and us, so fingers crossed they bring Extras on the front page soon!