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Can't add stock photo as custom gig extra?


My buyer wants to add stock photos as a gig extra to our custom order. Is there a way to do this on either of our ends? I’m not seeing an option. It’s also not an option when offering a custom order? Any fixes/workarounds? Thanks!


Which category is the gig you are trying to make a custom offer for? The stock photo extra is only available in certain gig categories. It won’t be available in custom offer unless the gig you are customizing it already has that option ticked. If it’s available in your category, it will be on the Pricing page, tucked right in with all the other options. It’s pretty hard to miss on the list, so if you aren’t seeing it there, I am guessing it is not available for the category of the gig you are choosing. But definitely check editing the gig first.


Thanks for your response! I contacted customer service and we figured it out. You’re not able to add it to a custom offer since it’s a flat rate. Thanks for you input regardless!