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Can't add tags on Gigs even by commas

Hello…Today when i tried to make a new gig for my profile i found that i can’t add tags on my gigs. When i type in the search box no list appears as well as can’t add tags by using comma. Comma is not even counting as an input. I tried changing keyboards even that’s the same and my keyboard works well on every site but fiverr.
How to solve this issue?
I mean Basically i just can’t create gigs without tags and can’t add tags.


Hello: just hit enter/or return, than it should work :+1:


Just try hitting enter. I hope it will work…

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Yes, this is a new bug that seems to be popping up lately. At this time, I don’t think there’s a solution for it. You’ll have to message CS and ask them.

If you do get a response from CS, please let us know so that the answer can be shared?


same issue i am facing there is no auto suggestion or not working comma also
did you find any soloution

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any update on this please?

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that works! thank you!

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thank you so much, it works!

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It works, thank you :slight_smile:

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