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Cant Attach Files to My Gigs

Hello how do I attach a file to my gig that the buyer gets when they purchase?

I cannot attach files when I click the “Attach file” button nothing happens.

Happening in Firefox and Chrome. Nothing happens!

On the Requirements page I set the Answer Type to Attached File and then click Add and then it shows me the button with the paperclip icon to attach the file but nothing happens when I click on it!

What is going on? Am I missing something?



Can I get some support?

Is this a taboo subject or something?

I am unable to understand your question. I think the Buyer who will buy the gig will attach the thing that he wants or am i wrong too?

Check the name of the file and simplify it. Fiverr doesn’t like certain characters in the file name.

Ok seems like this was back in 2016 but i’m experiencing the exact same problem. I can’t attach anything to the requirments area when creating my gig.
I click on the paperclip/Attach file and nothing happens. Tried on Firefox and Chrome.
Any help? How did you solve it?

Thanks so much!