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Can't Believe this

Is it really possible for competitors on Fiverr to report a gig that has no issues and get it flagged and denied for 3rd party violation? WTF? I have tried 5 times to post a simple content writing gig and it has got flagged each time…there is no 3rd party content shown or mentioned…

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No, it’s not possible for competitors to report a gig with no issues and get it denied. There must be an issue you are missing somewhere.


Checked your profile - it’s Amazon reviews - not allowed I’m afraid.


Got it. Thanks all. I thought that since the Gig didn’t mention Amazon then the gig wouldn’t be knocked. Didn’t even think about my profile. LOL

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This is crap advice. It will be screened later, and booted later. Hope you enjoy having an established gig wiped!

Just… don’t mention it. And don’t come back here saying how much you can’t believe it if your gig gets booted again on some poor advice. Crappy affiliate marketing reviews for crappy affiliate sites that 100% every bit of trash that come in: a-OK. Crappy for-pay Azon reviews (specifically product reviews are a no-no). As the Fiverr machine is big and unwieldy, and made of robots. If you’re doing “reviews” of a product for affiliates e.g. on you have to write a 500 word review of how awesome a comedone (not a typo) extractor is you may be caught up in a crossfire.

However, if you are getting 14% success on that (which is what I read into your profile), why not just DIY in a bunch of niches and not have to deal with tip-toeing around other people’s bs?


It’s much more work.



Maybe it’s the text but you seem…hostile?

How do you know my affiliate content is crap? Why do you assume that anything is crap? Your gig “I will write a sizzling product description that sells” is the same thing I’m selling. The only difference is that you worded it correctly.

I do get 14% conversion on my affiliate sites. I do make them. All the time. And either keep them to earn or sell them at a profit. However, building costs money. I’ll probably build more with the money I make on Fivver.

I like building sites. I like writing “product descriptions”…not product reviews, I guess. Best of luck all. I hope most of you are happy.


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Emmaki was replying to someone else who was suggesting to try to disguise
writing Amazon reviews. She’s right about that being crap advice. As for the rest of it, it’s just descriptive writing and personal opinion.

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Naw, not hostile, it’s just my wonderfully vibrant writing style that keeps people coming back for more.

I have no idea what your affiliate content is like, of course. The type of sites I was talking about are for e.g. JVZoo launches where all the reviews are 100% AAA+ buy this (even if the product is a huge steaming turd). Those are quite a way from better sites which do more trustworthy reviews, of course.

The real issue here is the wording. I had a Azon review gig when I first started out but it got the kibosh very quickly. Same for book reviews. The word reviews just shouldn’t be used, full stop. My product descriptions are basically for Amazon, Shopify, eBay and similar.

As for my assumptions, I suggest hanging around the forum a bit and meeting some of the other posters, reading common complaints and the kind of person who makes these common complaints. I would completely avoid reviews altogether–Google Amazon sues Fiverr for more information.


Ah, ok.

Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate all the input.