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Cant belive this guys


Hey guys.I recivied an order today from a guy, finished his order and delivered it exactly how he wanted to ,i even throwd a bonus there ,told him “if you want something modified you can tell me and i’ll do it” after i delivered.

Next thing i see is him canceling the order without any rison and deleting his accout,this really make me thing he ordered just so he cancel it intentionaly. What you guys think about this , its not fair to have a cancelation rate because of a guy like this.


Reply to @madmoo: yeah i sent them a mesage and told them to verify this.I dont mind the cancelation , i just mind my stats.Hopefully they will lift that cancelation rate. and ty for your help


you mean they wont lift it but it will not show anywere?


oh justrecivedthis mail i dont understand nothing:((.Hi predyxx, We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order FO218AAxxxxx. As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

You know what this means? :frowning:


Reply to @madmoo: pff. Ok thx for your help.Your Great.If you need an intro i’ll be glad to make 1 for you for free :slight_smile: