Cant buy gigs with credit card without signing up for paypal?!?!?


it was possible to buy gigs with cards without signing up for paypal before. but now i must sign up for paypal to buy any gig. paypal isnt available in every country. So the option of buying gigs with cards without signing up for paypal shoud be back! i really need that! cant buy any gig…!


I second that, can you guys please allow cc processing again.


Is this still not allowed?

I just attempted to pay for two gigs by Credit Card and the charges hit and reversed on my account. My credit card company said they had no further details and I would need to ask Fiverr. So I ask, what’s the deal with the Credit Card payment option; is it not available?

Also, there are two lines on my Credit Card and it doesn’t seem as though there are enough spaces for all of the characters on the card? Can we get that expanded? Could that be causing the credit card charge to not go through?


Isn’t there a payoneer account/card that people in other countries can use?