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Can't catch costumers


I have setup my profile for some extra income to buy a cup of coffee by using my talent but, it now
don’t looks as easy as I thought it to be. Can somebody tell where am I going wrong in my GIGs or any other thing.
You can checkout my gigs here:

I will highly appreciate if somebody help me :slight_smile:


Do you use buyer requests?


I’m using is consistently but they don’t respond… I tried to make my request as persuasive as I could but nothing helps. :pensive:


Also adding a gig video instead of only photos will help you catch customers attention. Customers love to watch.


Thank you so much for the tip :smiley:
Should I add a simple video showing logos or should I add a tutorial like video?


What you think is the best. Let it look very professional! And put bigger price! When a buyer see $5, he thinks so: Its so cheap, won’t be any good.


I though making it cheap would help… feeling noob…
Helped me alot, thank you so much insect44, I’ll remember you


I had much work and I desided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyer like to see high prices! You can increase even to $30 - $100!


I’ll keep that in mind… You’re life saver :innocent:


One more tip. As I saw your gigs I saw you offer only one package. Try to use three!


On my way to that :smiley:


Perfect! Now your gig looks way more better! Plus you will get more than 4 cups of coffee!


I’m amazed that you’re keeping an eye upon my gig :hushed:
Thanks once again brother, you helped me alot.


Also, don’t put unlimited revisions. There are buyers which are making fun with sellers with those revisions. I would put maximum 4 on the PRO section, and less than 4 on other sections.


Noted with thanks, Sir!


what would you say now?


Fantastic, but see that:





As you put many sections with different days delivery, you just need to remove that text.


Also, be sure that you will be able to deliver Social Media Kit and Logo in 1 day:

I think it’s better to put “2 days” there and add 1 day express delivery option as an extra (+$10).