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Can't change currency when making custom order

I need to send a custom order to a buyer in AUD. My currency is set to AUD, and her currency is set to AUD, yet when I type in the price, the box next to it says USD, and displays the price in USD to me and to her. I have clicked on the bottom right and changed my currency to AUD. This still has no impact. I also try and convert the USD to AUD through an outside source, but it is not accurate. How do I send an offer to my buyer in AUD?

You’ve misunderstood the function of the converter.

We all get paid and pay in USD. All the converter does is show you what the exchange is in your other currency is.

You don’t bill in another currency. It’s all USD. The only difference is that Fiverr gives you the option of having the funds changed into your currency before you withdraw them. But all business here is done in USD.