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Can't change e-mail address?


Hello! I’ve been trying to change my e-mail address through the Fiverr website, and so far I haven’t had any success.

If I go to Settings–>Account, there’s an option to change my e-mail address there. But, whenever I click “Save Changes”, it prompts me to log-in again. Then it drops me back on the same page, still showing my old e-mail address. No matter how many times I try, the change doesn’t go through; it just keeps asking me to log in over and over again.

I’ve tried this on Firefox, IE and Opera with the same result. I also tried downloading the app on my phone and changing my e-mail address there, but that didn’t work either.


If you are unable to update your email address by yourself, you may wish to contact Customer Support for a resolution.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


I did try that, and they gave me a solution! Unfortunately, it involves e-mailing them a copy of my passport/driver’s license, which I’m not super comfortable with. I was hoping a better solution would involve fixing the bug on the site.