Can't change my e-mail adr


I can’t change my old e-mail adr. everytime I do that I get kick out and need to login again. Anyone with same problem?


Try typing ‘how to change email address’ into the forum search. There are many conversations that come up and the answer to your problem may be in one of them.


well as much as i can guess fiverr is building high security transparent delivery system, will be launched soon
may be thats why or its just a new lag?


I suggest you if email have a create fiverr account don,t change try to it. otherwise the fiverr account is suspended. Thank you and good luck.


yes yes yes, thats the truth thanks


I successfully changed my email address some time ago. I did not have any problems. There is a link somewhere to follow. It even changed the email address that I use to log-in to Fiverr.