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Can't change my Gig

Help please! I have been trying to change my Gig. Delete parts of the text and change the delivery time. So nothing big and crazy, but it won’t let me save my changes. It keeps telling me: "Dang, the gig failed to save. Please save it again."

So I keep trying and trying and trying… but it won’t work. Absolutely no idea why.

I have contacted customer service, but got no response for whatever reason.

How long does it take them to respond to an email? It was the first time I ever emailed them and that was one day ago. No answer yet.

I am kind of baffled that I can’t change my Gig. :frowning:

Any ideas why?


I think someone mentioned that their average response time is 9 days, so you might have to wait some more. :frowning:

Maybe you could try changing your gig step by step? First changing delivery time and saving, then changing the text and saving?

Clear your cache and try a new browser. Does it update anything, like the status? Gigs should update immediately unless they are pending review from content team or on hold for other reasons. Try to be patient-- CS will respond to your ticket.

Here’s a list of various status updates for gigs: :

Fiverr Customer Support

Clearing the cache didn’t help, plus for whatever reason I can change all my other Gigs just not THAT one particular gig. I thought maybe it was because I still had orders in queue but now I am caught up with all my work and still can’t change my Gig, so that wasn’t it either.

I have also tried changing my Gig step by step and it won’t let me do that either. I can’t change a single thing such as the the delivery time for example. It won’t work, won’t let me save the changes.

CS still has not responded. I sent another email yesterday because this really frustrates me. I wish someone would get back to me at least.


Definitely sounds like a bug. Only CS can help you with that.

same thing is happening to mine. hmmm