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Can't change my paypal address

I’m trying to change my paypal address from July 1 2017 till now and nobody replies me

I sent my requests several times to customer support and they only have routine response and did nothing to me,the only thing that they can do is marking my request as SOLVED , I think it’s not fair


Contact customer support.

From my side. In order to change your paypal you must first verify your phone number. Once verified. Go to settings under your profile and click on billing. Click on change next to your paypal address. You will get a OPT on your phone, enter it on the billing page and follow the instruction.

I did several times and they did nothing

I got sms verification code and entered correctly , I also got the email but when I want to change my paypal address I ll get this error : something went wrong , please try again

I tried several times in different browsers and cleared caches and cookies too

At this time you should stop retrying to change it because it could trigger a security alarm on your account. The best thing to do is try to contact support again, even if they mark the problem as resolved you can still add to the comment and they will reply

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they have marked all my requests as resolved except one of them is still open

Hi, I am facing the same problem, please let me know how u resolve this Issue. I am eager to hear form you. I have also tried everything like clearing cache, changing browsers, changing different internet Providers, uninstalling Fiver app etc… I transfer some of my money to my friends account in order to get money. but I have no real solution except close my Fiverr account with more than 20 reviews

Changing your PayPal Address is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes . I also confirmed from Support this is allowed for those saying it is not allowed.

You can update your Paypal address please follow the steps below in order to complete this process: