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Cant change Public Profile Settings

Something is wrong, i cant set my staus offline. Its not changing from online to offline.

I am not sure that you can actually change that. I think it means if you are logged into Fiverr you are always online. If you want to log out of FIverr and/or shut down your computer it should set your profile to offline.

Should i see that i am offline? I have seen that before when i changed to offline status. I have updated to windows 10, maybe the issue there?

escape_ said: Should i see that i am offline?
If you turn "go offline" on, you should see that when you browse Fiverr site, that small circle over your avatar is gray and not green. You can turn "go offline" on/off from Fiverr mobile app too.

Reply to @sincere18: Yes, you can. Public Profile Settings page, under the Something About You, is your Online Status, and you can change it and set it to appear that you’re offline (it also means that your gig won’t be visible under the Online search filter).

Reply to @catwriter: ok, but then that might be different if someone still wants their gigs to be showing but also be offline status.

Reply to @belengarcia: I have tryed a couple of times and its not changing to grey even when i try to go offline for a day. It says changes is saved but nothing had change. When i go online it should says: welcome back or something. Since i updated to windows 10 i got this problem.