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Can't change the GIG video thumbnail

Hello all amazing people out there!
I have recently created a GIG and included a video as well. The problem is, I want the video thumbnail to be different than it is now. I have tried to change it from Edit GIG > Gallery and then on the video I paused it on the desired frame and clicked on ‘Set as Thumbnail’. Then clicked on ‘Save’. But it’s simply not working. The thumnail will remain the same.

I hope this is fixable and probably I am doing something wrong. Please tell me the right way to do it. Thanks

GIG link :

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Hello. The thumbnail takes a while to update. I’ve had it take 24 hours on desktop and even longer to finally update on the app. I’m not sure if there’s a faster way, but wait for a while and keep checking. If it goes more than 2 days you can email support. I even had the thumbnail accurate on desktop but wrong on the app. CS said it was fine for them and eventually it fixed for me. Hope this helps!



That sure helped! I will just sit tight and keep an eye on it then, thanks a lot.

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I’ve had similar issues before.

If you are still experiencing this issue, try setting it in incognito mode.

Otherwise, contact support.

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I am still having the issue. Maybe I will wait for a few more hours then proceed as you suggested.

Still no luck. Time to contact support.

Did they solve your problem? if yes how? I have same issue.