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Can't change video thumbnail

hello there, I was wondering if I am the only one which is having this issue: I created a new gig a few days ago, in the gallery I added a video and then I tried to change the thumbnail by editing the video, pausing it when I want and then click on “set as preview”, i have been doing this about once a day for a few days now, every time I click it says my thumbnail has been changed successfully and it may take several hours to apply the changes, but after days of trying this it never changes, I contacted support and explained that I edit the video and click on “set as preview” but this doesn’t work, they answered me to edit the video and click on “set as preview”, obviously they did not even read my message as in the message I explained that’s exactly what I was doing, any ideas?
This is the gig:


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If you’re making the changes in Chrome, make them and then leave it alone for a few hours.

Check in Firefoox and it should have changed.

Good luck! :sunny:


ah yes! I opened it in internet explorer and saw the thumbnail had indeed changed, but I couldn’t see in chrome, so I deleted the cache and now it updated, thank you very much!!


Glad it worked for you! :slightly_smiling_face: