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Can't Changing Fiverr Gig Video Thumbnail

Today I edited my gig & uploaded a video as gig thumbnail. But I can’t select the video thumbnail. When I click it shows “Something went wrong, please try again in few seconds.” What’s the problem & how can I solve it?


Same with mine. Getting the EXACT same message

Try clear to cache in your browser. Or try different browser.

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it’s a bug for everyone

Exactly the same for me here, any update from Fiverr team ?

The same for me. I wrote to the support yesterday. Waiting for an answer.

I’ve created a support ticket under Report A Bug. You can create one here:
Hopefully that will speed up the fixing of this.

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It is working for me right now, hopefully it is fixed for everyone !

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Same things happened to others. Try some hour later.

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hopefully it is fixed for everyone !