Can't choose which gig to give to buyer requests


When I go to buyer requests and want to choose one of my gigs that would be suitable, it wont let me choose. It either chooses one of my gigs and wont give me the list, or has taken away some of my gigs in the list so I can’t choose the one that would fit the buyers requests.

Is there a reason for this?

None of my gigs are busy or anything so I don’t get why it would do that…


Reply to @imcrackerjack: Ok. thank you :slight_smile:


I Guess this is the One thing that Fiverr Team must also focus on.

But the Best thing you can do is choose the Nearest Related GIG

Then after you have sent your Offer go to your Message Box and Message

The Person whom you sent an Offer. You can elaborate what you can do for his/her Request.


This happens because Fiverr allows buyers to choose the categories as opposed to the sellers. So if an inexperienced buyer chooses incorrectly, there is no way for the seller to fix this and some sellers are missing out on opportunities.