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Can't claim free $5 from Fiverr

Fiverr gave $5 free Gig for everyone and, I can’t claim mine. It is redirect to Paypal…

I was sent a free voucher,and I can’t use it. it takes me to a paypal pay option…

@donhesh and @potcfan02 Make sure the gig you are trying to buy is priced at one $5 gig. When you get a freebie, you can only spend that much. If you received a $5 free gig, you cannot buy 2 gigs or a $15 gig or anything like that. As far as the voucher, that normally just shows you what kind of credit you got but the $5 will be applied at checkout if you buy a gig. It still has to be a gig worth exactly $5.

Hi fonthaunt after reading your comment I went to buy a gig for $5 and it didn’t work, it took the money out of my account money.

What is this about? LOL. I don’t even have that voucher. I guess it isn’t applicable at this time? Noticing that this post dates back to January…

yeah i am getting the offers now $5! August 2015, not in january.

I’m having the same problem. I sent in a support ticket and am waiting for a reply

Reply to @pro421 & @chants
Not all of the gigs are acceptable for Fiverr’s promotional program. There is a section of ‘free gigs’. Pick up a gig from there and you are good to go.

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Reply to @pro421: What do you mean by account money? If you had funds in your Fiverr account from cancellations or revenues from sales, of course the money will be taken from there. If you mean you had to go to PayPal or another site to pay, those require a login so it couldn’t just take the money without your authorization.

Reply to @theratypist: Good catch. The thing is, Fiverr does often have discounts for all sorts of reasons. I’ve seen them most often at the top of the Fiverr main page or the forum page. I’ve heard of people seeing them on Twitter or Facebook. I think some may come through email if you refer someone, etc. They often seem to be confusing and I’ve never used one myself, but they are fairly limited and I’m sure they do expire at some point.

Same here. Whats wrong?

same for me too