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Can't click order, messages cant be seen

hi! the order page doesn’t let me see what’s been sent, im unable to see a work in progress of my order that the seller has sent me, nor can I even see the image that ive been sent by someone else. The View Order button does Not Work.

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Have you tried a different device and/or browser?

sure have ^^; tried both app, chrome and firefox

Oh, no. :frowning: sadly, you’ll have to reach out support. Hopefully they can extend the due date too.


I put some messages on an order page and they disappeared. I had to put them again.

I took screenshots of all my deliveries today in case I need to prove they were delivered completely if the messages on the order page disappear.

well it disappeared and I forgot to get screenshots -_- delivering again with inconvenience notes

ahhh these BUGS!

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