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Can't close an order due to modification request


So a buyer asked me for a modification, but didn’t gave any details as to what modifications, he just want a different “feel” for it, although he was impressed with the job i’ve done.

when i’ve asked him to be specific telling me what to do he said he will think it over and let me know, in the meantime the clock has long ago passed it’s dead line, it’s RED LATE, and the order just sits there open waiting for him to return with instructions.


Yes, in the future, always redeliver on time, regardless, to save from being late. Then, I find it is best to let these ones go if the buyer does not respond within 24 hours. Go ahead and request the cancellation. If you let it complete without satisfying the customer, then you stand to get a bad review. I have had that happen, so I am only speaking from experience.


Deliver again what you have done already, If they came out with any modifications means complete and deliver, If not, your order will be marked completed automatically after 3 days.