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Can't Close Orders Even Though I Have Delivered!

  1. Can’t close orders even though I have delivered the order the timer is still counting down. The only way to close orders is to deliver two times with different text each time (I know it sounds crazy but this is what happens)

  2. Files do NOT attach to the “first delivery” but do on the second - Even though I see that are attached on the first order delivery the customers say they are not!

Contacted customer service and just got a “copy and paste” reply telling me to clear your browser cache. (yeah right!)

Of course that never works, it’s just like your internet provider telling you to turn your router on and off hoping it will solve your internet problems!!

Took time out of my day to upload screen shots of the issues and basically got told by customer service to use a third-party file sharing service like dropbox to send files to customers. To which they then closed my support ticket!

They never addressed or even acknowledged the problems I was trying to explain to them!

Totally useless when trying to tell them about a bugs, it just seems like they are trying to clear their email inbox and copy and paste replies 99% of the time. Either that or I just got someone who just didn’t want to work?

The problem still persists for me unfortunately but I’m just having to live with it and apologizing to customers on each order delivery,hoping that they have their files and trying to keep them happy if they don’t

RANT OVER!! Now I feel a little better, not much but a bit!!