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Can't complete Gig Post


I was trying to set up a Gig to present to the public some piano exercises and concepts I ve created over the years working with professional pianists. This material has never been published before.

But I can’t post GIg.

I get an orange asterisk that some skills need to be verified.

What I should verify and How do I do it?




I cannot see why you don’t just follow the advice given on-screen. Do the course or whatever Fiverr feel they need from you.

From what I read, I am not sure that this is either:

  1. in the right category location (I have never seen this in my Music Gigs) altho none proclaim to teach particular skills.
  2. even on the right platform as I personally doubt that many people come to Fiverr to learn to be a better piano-ist


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I am a proofreader and letter writer on Fiverr. I could not publish my gigs until I passed the English test to prove I had the skills to offer gigs in the area I do.

It sounds like you need to take a test to show you have the skills to provide the service you want to make a gig for.