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Can't Complete Order, Client Won't Reply

Hello. This thread is a follow up to this one I posted a couple of weeks ago: Waiting for Requirements When Out of Office?

If you don’t want to read all of it, the story is this;

  • A buyer placed an order a few weeks ago, but didn’t submit requirements so the order didn’t start.

  • In the days that followed I had to pause my gigs and freelance work due to rapidly changing circumstances (eg coronavirus and the fact I work retail and am looking out for family members, I just don’t have the time right now). His was the only outstanding order, even though it hadn’t begun.

  • So! After getting advice in the above thread I politely sent a message to the buyer to not give requirements so the order wouldn’t start whilst I was away. There was no reply but the countdown didn’t begin so I just assumed it would be fine.

  • Last Saturday however I got the dreaded “submitted their requirements” notification, so I again sent him a message asking if he saw what I sent, hoping it was a misunderstanding. No reply. A couple of days after, I sent him another message, this time in the inbox asking him to look at my messages. No reply.

  • From the day of him first submitting the order, this has now been going on for over 2 weeks. He’s been online recently and getting feedback from people so I don’t understand how or why he isn’t reading his messages. I have 3 days until time’s up and I’m running out of patience. Even if I had the time to complete the order I couldn’t, as his requirements are so vague despite my instructions. I even tell people to message me before they place an order but he ignored that too.

TL;DR: Can’t deliver this unwanted order and the buyer will not communicate.

I don’t mind mutual cancellation as he gets his money back and I don’t have to worry about reviews but I don’t think he’ll even respond to that. I don’t understand what he’s doing here. His bio and reviews all say he’s professional and that there’s never any issues, but I’ve had nothing but issues and zero communication from the start. It’s boggling.

Can anybody tell me if they’ve been in a similar situation or what the best way out of this would be? I’m reluctantly accepting that this will hurt my cancellation rate but there is literally nothing else I can do here. Perhaps what not to do next would be the best advice :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I’ve explained this properly. Thank you very much if you read all that and can help me!

He doesn’t have to. If you’ll send cancellation request and he will ignore it then order will be automatically cancelled after 2 days

Well now that is useful to know. I’ve already waited 4 days for him to reply so I think I’ve been patient enough before cancelling. Thanks for that info!