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Cant complete seller profile


Im pretty sure its a bug, as I have completed 70% of my profile (all the mandatory stuff) But when I try to finish it, it shows me this:

And I can’t just lie about having a certificate or a personal website or stuff like that. I would be glad if I get help!


My profile is not 100% finished, and I still can use it. What happen when you click X and finish?


the same thing pops up


Website link, only you can see, so put some website and try again.


still doenst seem to work


Just click the cross on the top right to get rid of it - it shouldn’t make any difference. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh i just realized something, does it mean that i dont have to press finish to complete it?


Should be okay - try it and see.


thanks for the help i can finally start gigs!


Nevermind i need more help please! When i press “creat a new gig” it redirects me to the personal info thing (screenshots above)


Please tell this to customer support along with the screenshot. It shouldn’t be happening.

Cant Sign up to fiverr - Issue

How do i contact customer support? Do they have an email? If so what is the email?


Or you can send them via email:


Guys im lost. whenever i click on “become a seller” it redirects me to making my account and the support doesnt reply to my email…


You will need to give support time to respond. They have a lot of people submitting tickets.


was i supposed to submit a ticket aswell? because i directly emailed them


That’s what they call an email, a “ticket”.


I have the same issue, but with 75%.


I’m also experiencing the exact same problem, stuck at 70%


did anyone get this resolved? I am trying to sign up and I can’t get past 65% even though I completed every required field. The only thing missing is my linked accounts but when I try to connect any of them I get an error that says “an error occurred. please try again.” but it never actually works.